How It Works

Why Us? - For Members

  • Sign Up for a Free Account to get Great Discounts, Promotions, Coupons, Deals and Regular Advice.
  • Find Nearby Healthcare providers who can give you discounted consultation and treatment.
  • Include your family members in your free plan to get more benefits.
  • View Rating and provide your own feedback for the Healthcare providers and services.
  • Setup Appointments directly with the Healthcare providers.

Why Us? -For Providers

  • Sign Up for free to promote and advertise your services, skills and products to millions of Smile India members who are looking for quality healthcare services. These Smile India users are actually in the Market for products and services which match their needs and expectations and budget.
  • Joining Smile India gives you direct access to consumers and patients and is not just a simple web presence.
  • Able to send emails and notifications to millions of Smile India members.
  • Receive appointment requests from Smile India members.

How is Smile India Unique for Providers

  • Proactive and aggressive marketing tools.
  • You get to decide your goals and objectives, Smile India works with you to make sure that they are met. These goals may be financial, personal or social.
  • Targeted marketing to those who are actually in need of good healthcare and services.
  • Custom made solutions tailored specially to promote your services. Being in Healthcare industry for more than 2 decades our experience is that there is no “fit all approach” each provider and institute has its own needs, Our team works directly with you to understand and fulfill those needs.